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Grow Your YouTube Audience: Proven Tips From Video Creators !

Grow Your YouTube Audience: Proven Tips From Video Creators !

To make our YouTube channels more vibrant, we need more views, more interactions and more followers. The recipe for a growing YouTube audience is already well known. I’m not going to start a revolution today.

I suggest we get to the point. Let’s focus on four key aspects of successful audience growth for a YouTube channel.

1. Your title and your accompanying thumbnail must be catchy!

The title and thumbnail of your videos must solidly grab the attention of visitors, as a pretty showcase would present the best products to invite customers to cross the doorstep.

Warning: We want to be attractive, but not at any cost! The video’s title and thumbnail must accurately represent its content.

Imagine: you finally convince visitors to click on your video, but the title and thumbnail used were only a false representation of the real content.

Result? The viewing will be shortened, and visitors will only keep in mind the disappointment, not the content.

It takes a long time to build an audience. Let’s avoid losing visitors and subscribers with bait that does not represent the proposed content. *From the start of the viewing experience”, visitors should be able to quickly make the connection between the teaser and the video.

2. Good-quality subtitles.

Do not rely on automatic captioning to hope that your content is deciphered by Google! It often happens that keywords are distorted by automatic recognition systems.

What’s the consequence?

The Google search engine will not be able to display your content to users who are exactly looking for a video on the topic you are dealing with.

Not adding exact subtitles to your videos is a good way to slow down your YouTube channel’s growth.

Who would want that?

3. A structure that makes sense!

Any good presentation includes an introduction, a development and a conclusion. Well, it may sound a bit academic, but believe me, your YouTube videos should also follow a certain structure.

Is it possible to stay original and dynamic with a common thread that is a little easier to follow?


Depending on the type of content you present, you are free to develop your own structure. While it’s easy to follow the structure of your content, visitors and followers will watch your videos to the end without losing interest. Your channel’s ranking is very influenced by the length of the videos, which must be chosen thoughtfully.

You are lacking inspiration to find an original video structure you would be the author of?

Check out channels from other video creators that are successful in your field. It is perfectly normal to be inspired by the best!

4. Get your audience involved!

Feel free to ask for a boost to propel your chain. Most consumers of your content will be very happy to take action to help you.

Here are some ideas to call for participation that work well:
  • Don’t want to miss the next videos? Subscribe to the channel!
  • Do you think someone else might like this video? Click “Share” to send them the link!
  • Write your questions and comments down below. I will answer everyone.

If it’s clear to you that you are not following the four essential aspects presented, don’t wait; take action!

ClosedCaptioner.com is here to save you a lot of time by writing your subtitles. It will allow you to focus on other aspects essential to your channel’s growth!