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Why should I be a freelancer at ClosedCaptioner.com?

Why should I be a freelancer at ClosedCaptioner.com?

This article was written by Evelyne, one of our collaborators, who currently resides in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She’s been working with us as a transcriber, editor, translator and editor since August 2021. Discover her story and why she chose to join the team.

Freelancers all have their own atypical little story about the pathway that led them to do this job.

Through the following lines, I will briefly present my background and explain why I opted for ClosedCaptioner.com rather than directly adopting self-entrepreneurship.

For ten years now, I have had to juggle between my family, illness (mine and that of relatives), studies and work.

When I was in my 20s, I still had the energy to keep my head above water, but in 2018, that fragile balance broke.

At the same time, I had the chance to meet employers who were generous enough to give me the support and flexibility I needed to meet the challenges of my personal life while maintaining a stable income. I will always be grateful to F.M. and B.A.

Beyond providing income, these employers were able to recognize my worth and took the trouble to sow some seeds of trust in a soil that had become terribly impoverished over the past decade.

Ils ont ensuite su arroser et nourrir ces semences en me permettant d’acquérir plusieurs connaissances qui m’ont permis de devenir travailleuse autonome.

They knew how to water and feed these seeds by allowing me to acquire the knowledge that enabled me to become self-employed. Although F.M. and B.A. were certainly the best employers to accommodate my reality, I couldn’t do it anymore.

I was questioning myself: “If I had not managed to make it through my responsibilities well with the unconditional support of understanding, caring and flexible employers, how could I succeed in another company?”

After this realization and knowing that my reality would probably remain unstable for years to come, I realized that self-employment or entrepreneurship would be the best formula for me.

I wrote several entrepreneurial projects that focused on not only my strengths and interests, but also my needs and those of potential customers.

However, I encountered an obstacle: I am a perfectionist. I’m what they call “lynx-eyed” and that allows me to make impeccable revisions.

However, perfectionism too often rhymes with taking a lot, if not too much, time to get things done.

So I started looking for online sources of income that could be flexible in terms of schedule and not too intellectually demanding.

This is how I joined the ClosedCaptioner.com team ; a team I’ve now been a member of for almost 19 months now.

I would’ve never thought I would stay there that long, but I must admit that the various benefits this job brought me allowed me to be very comfortable

Level of stress control
Working for a company like ClosedCaptioner.com, we have no fear of running out of contracts. Administration:

  • Recruits clients
  • Collects their equipment and requests;
  • Ensures the flow of completed work;
  • Performs satisfaction monitoring;
  • Performs payments recovery.

What do we freelancers have to do? Log on to the site, choose our contracts, and achieve them correctly, period.

We’re paid each week according to the tasks we complete. There’s a 7 day period before a task is delivered and it becomes payable.

Mental energy saving
Depending on my state of health, family responsibilities and having several strings to my bow at ClosedCaptioner.com, I can choose to perform tasks that are more or less intellectually demanding.

Personally, writing is a creative process that requires a lot of energy.
If I have less energy available, I opt for revision tasks that are much less energy-consuming for me.

Workload control
With ClosedCaptioner.com, I can freely adapt my work volume as my life reality makes me not fully in control of my availability.

These fluctuations in my productivity do not disturb clients or ClosedCaptioner.com, as we are a large team of freelancers.

If one of us is not available, there will always be other workers to complete the tasks without us feeling guilty.

Schedule flexibility
Contracts are available all the time.

Some freelancers decide to work only during the week; others work with ClosedCaptioner.com in addition to another job and are available on weekends and evenings.

The choice of times is free to each, according to their availability.

Choice of tasks
ClosedCaptioner.com customers come from a wide range of industries.

Being able to decide to work on tasks that allow me to learn and feel useful while doing quality work for clients makes my working hours more enjoyable.

Minimalist, mobile and efficient work tools
For me, needing only a laptop, electricity and an internet connection to generate an income is almost achieving freedom.

To be able to work at home, outdoors, in a public place, or on the go around the world, isn’t that great?

Even better, you don’t need any special electronic equipment since there is no software to download. All tools are available on the company’s web platform.

Soon after its launch, ClosedCaptioner.com developed various tools to facilitate work for its employees. And these tools are constantly evolving to become even more efficient.

Several software programs have been created by the company to facilitate the different tasks of transcription, revision and translation.

Using a simplified interface
At ClosedCaptioner.com, projects are available on our profile according to our qualifications, without the need to go through an intermediary.

All the details necessary for the successful completion of the project are noted:

  • Delivery times to be met;
  • Specific client requests;
  • And other technical details.

On our profile, we can also track the tasks performed and the remuneration to be received.

We are therefore perfectly autonomous on the platform, although the administrative team is never far away to come to our rescue if necessary (thanks, btw)

Today, my daily life is still punctuated by many challenges and instabilities. However, I feel much more serene since I am no longer in direct contact with a boss or customers with inflexible deadlines, as well as sometimes unreasonable requirements.

Working for ClosedCaptioner.com means I can no longer be pressured by professional responsibilities. It’s a huge relief for my mental health.

ClosedCaptioner.com is a young company that is continuously evolving. The platform is in a continuous improvement process thanks to its administrative team, which is open to suggestions.

En ce qui me concerne, à ce moment de ma vie, pouvoir faire partie d’une équipe comme SousTitreur.com est très aidant.

As far as I’m concerned, being part of a team like ClosedCaptioner.com is really helpful in the period I’m going through in my life. I am convinced that, for all sorts of reasons, many team members are grateful for the flexibility and reliability offered by the company.

Although not its primary mission, ClosedCaptioner.com and its clients help to alleviate the daily lives of many individuals, such as:

  • Caregivers
  • Stay at home parents;
  • People with physical or psychological health problems;
  • Dreamers who need extra income to achieve their goals;
  • Or the nomads looking for freedom.

Thanks to the ClosedCaptioner.com team. I am eager to know what the future holds for you, but also where this slice of life will lead me later.