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1. What differentiates subtitles from transcription?

Subtitles Transcription
Texts displayed on screen translating or transcribing dialogues and sounds Written version of the original audio, including dialogues, sounds and descriptions in text only (text only) or timecodes
Delivered in .srt, .vtt or .scc. format Delivered in .txt format, with or without timestamps
Used to enable an audience, especially those who can’t activate sound or have hearing impairment, to understand the content Used for SEO purposes, audio/video translation, content analysis, documentation, as well as the creation of articles (blogs) from audio/video content such as a podcast
Created manually or automatically and synchronized with audiovisual content Created manually or automatically
Formatted based on content requirements and audience’s preferences Used during interviews, conferences, meetings and recordings
Translated into different languages to reach a broader audience Translated into different languages to reach a broader audience

When you order at ClosedCaptioner, we provide both subtitles AND transcription.

2. What file formats should I receive when having my subtitles delivered?

We provide four file formats for your subtitles:
  • .srt supported by all platforms,
  • .srt for Adobe Premiere,
  • .vtt (Streaming platforms)
  • .scc (TV standards)
In addition, we provide this format if you want to have a transcript of everything said in the video/audio:
  • .txt for transcription, with or without timecodes.

3. Do you deliver text transcription for audio files?

A big YES! We can provide text transcription for podcasts, legal and medical transcripts, etc.
Besides, if you want to order, click right here.

4. What is the difference between .srt, .scc and .vtt?

  • srt file*
  • vtt file*
  • scc file*
Most common subtitle file format Subtitle file format mainly used for online videos Subtitle file format compatible with TV standards
Does not support advanced text styles Supports advanced text styles (font, size, colors, etc.) Supports advanced text styles (font, size, colors, etc.)
Used for DVD and Blu-ray subtitles Used for subtitles on streaming platforms Used for subtitles on streaming platforms
Does not support metadata Supports metadata Supports metadata
Does not support subtitles in multiple languages Supports subtitles in multiple languages Supports subtitles in multiple languages
Does not support subtitles for deaf or hearing impaired people Supports subtitles for deaf or hearing impaired people Supports subtitles for deaf or hearing impaired people
Does not support subtitles for people with reading or comprehension difficulties Supports subtitles for people with reading or comprehension difficulties Supports subtitles for people with reading or comprehension difficulties

5. What is the delivery time of subtitles?

We offer several delivery options :
  • Standard delivery in less than 72 hours which is covered in the base rate ;
  • Rush delivery in less than 24 hours which is included in the other two rates.
There is also a third option if the file is needed at lightning speed :
  • Fast track delivery in less than 4 hours.

This last option is not proposed on the order page. If you want to choose it you will have to write to david@soustitreur.com.

6. In how many languages is your service available?

We offer closed captioning in seven languages: European French (commonly known as “International French”), Canadian French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

7. Do you do translations?

Yes, we offer a subtitle translation service in the seven languages listed above, in question 6. Pricing differs depending on your needs and the files you submit.

If you provide us with the original .srt file, we will only charge for the translation. Otherwise, the original language transcription and translation will be charged simultaneously. By picking this approach, we seek to optimize timing synchronization to improve the subtitles’ quality, thus ensuring a better viewing experience.

Are you interested? Contact tiana@soustitreur.com.

8. Payment method?

Two payment methods are available: credit card and bank transfer.

We can offer you an open bill if you have more than 1000 minutes of video/audio to subtitle per month. If this is your case, I invite you to discuss it with tiana@soustitreur.com.

9. What currency is accepted?

We currently accept USD, EUR and CAD.
Incidentally, the preferred currency can be changed from the customer area by clicking on your avatar on the right.

10. Is the transcription done by AI or a human being?

Although being a valuable tool, artificial intelligence (AI) is not yet sophisticated enough to deliver an exemplary result in terms of captioning, especially if videos/audios have passages with pronounced accents, poor audio quality, background noise or multiple interlocutors.

That’s why our subtitles and translations are all made by humans with slight AI support.

Here is the process once your order is placed: a member of our team transcribes your video, then proofreads it to correct any errors. Then, subtitles are synchronized by an artificial intelligence and adjusted manually by our employee for maximum accuracy.

If you have opted for a package with proofreading, it will be done by one of our seniors.

11. Can I edit the subtitles myself afterward?

Yes, subtitles are editable in the editor that you will find in your customer space aka the Friends’ Section

12. What are burned-in subtitles?

Burnt captions, also known as “embedded captions” or “closed captions”, are captions that are already included in the video itself, rather than stored in an external caption file. They are “burnt” in the video, meaning they are made permanent and cannot be disabled or modified by the viewer. Burnt subtitles are often used for online videos, TV shows and movies. They are especially useful for content intended for a multilingual audience or people who are deaf or with hearing impairment.

13. What are your rates?

You can convey a quotation inquiry here to see how much your order would cost, or to simulate an order via our main page.

14. How to order from ClosedCaptioner?

You can go through our main page and upload your video or its link.

To do so, you must click on the green button “Upload your videos or audio files” if you want to upload files that are on your computer or on “Type URL of your video/audio” if the files are hosted online.

Note that you can upload multiple videos at once or add multiple links. You don’t have to place an order per video.

If you have a large volume to caption regularly, you can send your videos via our API.

Your orders will be processed automatically. To discuss this option, I invite you to contact tiana@soustitreur.com.

15. How can I track my orders?

You can follow the progress of your order via your customer area.

You can also follow up with our Customer Service department by writing to samueline@subtitleur.com. We have a super proactive team working across two time zones because customer satisfaction is our middle name !

16. If I want my subtitles burned on my video, can I customize them?

This is entirely possible at ClosedCaptioner! When you choose an option that includes burned-in subtitles, you can choose from a vast styles inventory created by our dedicated technical team. Among these various styles are caption fonts, sizes, colors (some subtitles have a background color, some don’t), etc. Some styles are more suitable for horizontal videos and others for vertical videos (such as what you mostly find on TikTok).

Furthermore, you can adjust the height of your subtitles and the number of characters per line.

Also note that if you are not happy with the style initially chosen, you can burn your video again with a style that suits you more and at no additional cost !

If you have more specific preferences, you can contact samueline@subtitleur.com. For a small fee, we can then offer you a fully personalized burn!

17. Video description: what’s that?

Video description is an accessibility service consisting in the description of the visual elements of a video, intended for a public with visual impairment.
It allows those people to understand what’s happening on their screen by giving them verbal descriptions of actions, facial expressions, and other relevant visual information. Video description aims to make audiovisual content more inclusive and accessible. In general, it is added during dialogue pauses to complement the normal audio track.

18. Do you make video descriptions?

Yes, we offer video description services.
If you want to place an order, you can contact tiana@soustitreur.com.

19. How do I download my subtitles after delivery (or after I’ve done some modifications via the editor)?

Once your order is ready, an e-mail is sent to you, redirecting you to your customer area. You just have to click on download and choose the type of file you want to receive.

If you have to rectify some things via our editor, you can save them by pressing the save button at the top right. Then, you can download the rectified file on the same page by clicking on Download SRT.

20. What happens if the delivery time of a rush order is exceeded?

In the VAST majority of cases, we deliver the subtitles well before the announced deadline. On average, delivery takes less than 8 hours.

It is very unusual for us to deliver with a slight delay. When that happens, it is mainly due to the complexity of the video to be processed or a corrupted file requiring technical intervention. In the worst-case scenario, we refund a part of the invoice amount in reusable credit for your next order. We want our customers to be extremely satisfied by all means.

21. What is the process for bilingual videos?

If you don’t specify your needs when placing an order, the customer service team will take the time to ask you what options suit you more:
  • No translation in another language;
  • Transcription in both languages;
  • Translate one of the two languages;
  • Translate in both languages.

Processing an extra-bilingual order requires more work than a conventional order. For this purpose, we charge an extra-bilingual fee of 2 USD/EUR per minute

22. How do I set the number of lines or characters in my subtitles?

On the order page, a little further down, in the “Order Note” section, you can write XlYc, of which X is the number of lines and Y is the number of characters. EX : 2l45c OR 1l32c

If you are not certain at first, do not hesitate to ask advice to samueline@soustitreur.com.

23. How do you deliver so quickly???

It is a priority for us to deliver quality subtitles with respectable delays ! We know that for some creators, the lifespan of a new video or audio can be very short. It is therefore essential that subtitles be rapidly available.

Our team of more than 1,000 transcriptionists and revisers is our greatest strength. Our employees follow a rigorous process before formally joining the team. We periodically test their language knowledge and proficiency through various exams and training. In addition, thanks to the powerful tools that our technical team has put forward, we make their work as efficient as possible.

Our employees are dispatched all around the globe, which allows us to work on your projects 24/7 :)

24. I would like to work for ClosedCaptioner.com

Great! We invite you to apply.

25. Je suis monteur vidéo et j’aimerais offrir vos services à mes clients

I invite you to write to : tiana@soustitreur.com.